Xyclopz Steam Profile - The Best Caster Ever

Do you know about this funny caster ? Yeaah.. His name Xyclopz The Best Caster Ever. LOL. He always make me laugh. Do you ever laugh at people who make mistakes when they try to speak Engish language? Of course you do! Sometimes language learners say funny things!

Good Luck Xyclopz, you can be the best dota 2 caster ,, we love you...!!! Xyclops for Ti 15

Wiper > Viper
Ogre Majai > Ogre Mage
Barack Obama > barracks
BroMaster >> Brewmaster

GosuGamers had a talk with Thai-caster Treephob ‘Xyclopz’ Tiangtrong. Read on to see to know how his career as a caster got started, and how he plans to proceed.
Xyclopz was an "accidental" caster, if there ever was any. He was able to attract a lot of viewers with not-the-best, but always-improving mechanics knowledge and a distinct accent, and it is safe to assume that he will continue to get better.

Why "Xyclopz"? Is it a reference to the Cyclops character from X-Men?
Oh a lot of people has also asked me the same question. Well I used to be a football player for my university and one day, I got hit on my right eye which I had to wear an eye-patch for a month. People started calling me Cyclops and still called me that even after the eye patch came off. So it sounds pretty good, why not.
How were the responses to your first time casting?
There were only about 50 people watching my stream at that time. My co-caster, Snaqky and I made a lot of mistakes and it wasn't a very good cast but the viewers were very forgiving and kept on supporting us. They are so nice although my English sucks so bad. My analysis was not good, my knowledge of the game was not good but they still cheer me on. I wouldn't have come this far without them. They are my teachers.
Do you prepare your material beforehand or does it come naturally?
Both naturally and prepared. I always make jokes with my friends when we visit LAN cafes. Some of the jokes are from the viewers too. The main problem is I can't exactly remember all the skills and items in the game because I am lacking in knowledge. So I decided to call it in my own way. As a caster, we have to be very updated with the scene news and adapt it to the cast. I'm still working hard on that for my casting in the future. Hopefully I can provide a bigger insight and improve my English for the viewers.
Who is your role model when it comes to casting?
All the casters out there are my role model. They all have a very unique way of casting which I can learn a lot from. I tune in to Twitch every night to watch the games, the casting and trolling the chat room. I learn something more from every game that I watched.
Source : gosugamers

Xyclopz Steam Profile - The Best Caster Ever

Rupiah Akan Dirilis Valve di Steam

Rupiah akan segera bisa digunakan di Steam. Valve akan merilis 12 mata uang baru yang bisa digunakan untuk belanja atau membeli item game di Steam.

Setelah Konferensi di Steam Dev Days pada bulan Januari 2014, Valve akhirnya memilih berbagai pilihan mata uang internasional yang mendukung untuk digunakan dalam transaksi di Steam dalam waktu dekat. Dalam sebuah posting baru Steamworks Community Group , telah diumumkan 12 mata uang baru yang akan ditambahkan ke Steam Store,baru-baru ini diperkenalkan Yen, yang ditambahkan kembali pada akhir Agustus. 

Daftar lengkap dari mata uang internasional yang akan datang dan baru-baru ini dirilis adalah sebagai berikut: 
Yen Jepang (JPY) - Dirilis pada 2014/08/19
Rupiah Indonesia (IDR) - Diharapkan bisa rilis pada pertengahan September
Ringit Malaysia (MYR) - Diharapkan bisa rilis pada pertengahan September
Peso Filipina (PHP) - Diharapkan bisa rilis pada pertengahan September
Dolar Singapura (SGD) - Diharapkan bisa rilis pada pertengahan September
Thai Baht (THB) - Diharapkan bisa rilis pada pertengahan September
Australian Dollar (AUD) - Diharapkan bisa rilis pada pertengahan September
New Zealand Dollar (NZD) - Diharapkan bisa rilis pada pertengahan September
Canadian Dollar (CAD) - Diharapkan untuk rilis awal Oktober
Norwegian Krone (NOK) - Diharapkan untuk rilis awal Oktober
Won Korea Selatan (KRW) - Diharapkan bisa rilis pada akhir Oktober
Turkish Lira (TRY) - Diharapkan bisa rilis pada akhir Oktober
Peso Meksiko (MXN) - Diharapkan bisa rilis pada akhir Oktober
Ini jelas kabar baik bagi setiap pengguna Steam yang tinggal di negara-negara Asia misalnya. Steam seharusnya tidak lagi default ke mata uang asing (seperti Dolar Amerika Serikat, Euro, atau Great British Pound), sehingga jauh lebih mudah untuk mengetahui nilai item yang dijual di market dengan mudah. 
Karena semakin banyaknya pengguna steam di Indonesia, mungkin steam merasa perlu untuk menggunakan rupiah sebagai currency di store. Mungkin minggu depan kita bisa belanja item dota 2 di steam menggunakan rupiah. Sabar saja ya, kerja dulu cari duit, habis itu siap siap beli item. 

Tournament Dota 2 Indonesia Cyber Gaming Season 2

Cyber Gaming Indonesia Competition Season 2. Turnamen dota 2 Indonesia terbaru yang diselenggarakan oleh CGI yang bekerja sama dengan NeoGamers.net dan IeSPA, Mengadakan Event lanjutan Cyber Gaming Indonesia Competition Season I. Ayo Ikutan event ini...., bagi kamu yang hobi main dota 2 dan punya team segera daftar.

20-21 September 2014 dan 27-28 September 2014
Technical Meeting
Tanggal 20 September 2014 ( 1 Jam Sebelum Di Mulainya Event )

Multi Slot
Max 2x MultiSlot /Team

Maximum Team
64 Team

Online Tournament

Format Turnamen
Round Robin 64 Team Dan Double Elimination 16 Team

Rp.150.000,00- /team
Total Hadiah Rp 8.200.000,-

1st Place : Rp.3.500.000,- + Direct Invite Season III
2nd Place : Rp.2.500.000,- + Direct Invite Season III
3rd Place : Rp.1.500.000,- + Direct Invite Season III

Midle Line : Rp. 250.000,- ( Mini Event )

Contact Person
Deta : 085708604704 , 03131471106 , dan Pin 219db16d

Via BCA 8710064921 a/n Andrew

Format Pendaftaran
1. Melalui Fanspage CGI di : https://www.facebook.com/cybergamingindonesia
2. Lanjutkan Dengan Posting Di Wall CGI Dengan Format :
Join CGIC Season 2 ( Nama Team Kalian + Link ID Captain )
Example : Join CGIC Season 2 Cyber Gaming Indonesia Captain http://steamcommunity.com/id/Detaa/

Lalu Buat Team Anda Di Website Neogamers.net ==> http://neogamers.net/

Karena Akan Masuk Top Billboard Team . Dengan Cara Seperti Di Link Ini http://neogamers.net/forums/topic/guide-create-team-neogamers-net/

Dota 2 Arcana Techies Release

Swine of the Sunken Galley Bundle
After months of work, Techies Demolitions proudly unveiled their latest commission: The Swine, the most powerful cannon ever designed. Yet during its first frantic use aboard a homebound galley, the Swine's awesome blast tore its host ship asunder, rocketing the cannon itself backwards toward the shore. It was found days later, deeply embedded in a rocky cliffside just below its makers' workshop.

Hero: Techies
Rarity: Arcana
Release Date: August 29, 2014

This bundle includes the following features:
Complete 5-Piece Item Set
Effects tinted by Prismatic Gem
Custom Hero, Minimap and Spell Icons
Custom Minefield Sign
Custom Portrait
Inscribed Gems for all four abilities
Custom animations, effects and sounds
Mine Victims see Mini-taunt
Swine Sappers Loading Screen
Animated Chat Emoticon

How to play Goblin Techies ? Let's discuss and give your guide here . 

Cara Bermain Pudge War Dota 2

Kalau kamu bingung bagaimana cara bermain pudge war di dota 2, mungkin pos kali ini bisa bantu kamu. Selain pudge war, kamau bisa juga bermain berbagai custom game yang lain. Misalnya Balapan Hero Dota 2 ( Dota Dash ), Hero Line War, Fight of Flight, Warlock dan masih banyak lagi. Tidak usah bingung ada situs yang menyediakannya dan server juga kuat, yaitu d2moddin.

Dota 2 Custom Game Pudge War, Langkah langkahnya sebagai berikut. :

1.Pertama Sign in ke D2moddin , bisa sign lewat steam. > http://d2modd.in/
2.Download Launcher
3.Jalankan D2MPLauncher.exe / Run / Install
4.Kalau diinstall dengan benar maka D2Moddin Manager akan tampil dalam taksbar, Kemudian klik kanan pilih menu mod manager. 
5. Langkah selanjutnya adalah install mod, tinggal klik "install all" kalau ingin install semua,  kemudian akan secara otomatis mendownload mod. Sepeti terlihat pada gambar

Kalau masih not installed berarti download belum selesai. 
6.Kalau sudah selesai download, dan semua mod sudah up to date, kunjungi d2moddin lagi, terus pilih mod pudge war, play now . pastikan kamu sudah login steam. 
7. Tinggal join lobby, cari yang belum penuh, kalau kamu ingin ikut orang lain.
8. Tunggu host nya start. Nah siap siap bermain pudge war,semoga tidak ada yang failed. 

9. Untuk item itemnya hampir sama mirip pudge war di dota 1.  cara setting jumlah kill bisa ketik !vote100 . Tergantung ingin berapa kill bisa untuk bisa menang. 

Itu tadi cara bermain pudge war dota 2, kalau ada pertanyaan silahkan komentar di blog dota2 Indonesia ini.