Cara Bermain Pudge War Dota 2

Kalau kamu bingung bagaimana cara bermain pudge war di dota 2, mungkin pos kali ini bisa bantu kamu. Selain pudge war, kamau bisa juga bermain berbagai custom game yang lain. Misalnya Balapan Hero Dota 2 ( Dota Dash ), Hero Line War, Fight of Flight, Warlock dan masih banyak lagi. Tidak usah bingung ada situs yang menyediakannya dan server juga kuat, yaitu d2moddin.

Dota 2 Custom Game Pudge War, Langkah langkahnya sebagai berikut. :

1.Pertama Sign in ke D2moddin , bisa sign lewat steam. >
2.Download Launcher
3.Jalankan D2MPLauncher.exe / Run / Install
4.Kalau diinstall dengan benar maka D2Moddin Manager akan tampil dalam taksbar, Kemudian klik kanan pilih menu mod manager. 
5. Langkah selanjutnya adalah install mod, tinggal klik "install all" kalau ingin install semua,  kemudian akan secara otomatis mendownload mod. Sepeti terlihat pada gambar

Kalau masih not installed berarti download belum selesai. 
6.Kalau sudah selesai download, dan semua mod sudah up to date, kunjungi d2moddin lagi, terus pilih mod pudge war, play now . pastikan kamu sudah login steam. 
7. Tinggal join lobby, cari yang belum penuh, kalau kamu ingin ikut orang lain.
8. Tunggu host nya start. Nah siap siap bermain pudge war,semoga tidak ada yang failed. 

9. Untuk item itemnya hampir sama mirip pudge war di dota 1.  cara setting jumlah kill bisa ketik !vote100 . Tergantung ingin berapa kill bisa untuk bisa menang. 

Itu tadi cara bermain pudge war dota 2, kalau ada pertanyaan silahkan komentar di blog dota2 Indonesia ini.

Imbued Lockless Luckvessel

Imbued Lockless Luckvessel, today i want to share with you about 2014 luckbox. You will get one of eleven items when you open this luckbox. 

Mania's Mask: Drow's Mask of Madness
White Sentry: Crystal Maiden Staff
Elixir of Dragon's breath: Brewmaster Off-Hand
Inverse Bayonet: Kunkka Gun comes with custom animations.
Blade of Tears: Morphling Ethblade comes with custom particles.
Flourishing Lodestar: Enchantress Head comes with custom particles.
Crystal Dryad: Tiny's Haunted Tree
Soul Diffuser: Spectre Diffusal Blade
Splattering Forcipule | Bonus Drop
Geodesics: Enigma Eidolons | Extremely Rare Bonus Drop

Products which show this treasure icon include an unlock code. (See the TI4 merchandise catalogue for more details). You will get a code to one of these chests when you buy the micro plushies at the secret shop.

Imbued Lockless Luckvessel, all image source : . 

Steam Summer Sale 2014 Reward

Steam Summer Sale 2014 Reward , Dota 2 Update and News. Summer Adventure June 19 - 30 2014. In Summer Adventure you can Craft badges to earn in-game items, community and team rewards, and win free games.

The owners of the steam account, will be divided into 5 teams ( random ). There are several teams : Purple, Red, Pink, Blue, Green. Steam will select one winner each day. 30 winners team members will win three games from their wishlist (day 1)

Craft badges
How to get Summer Adventure Trading Card ?

You can get trading cards in a few ways: as a reward for purchasing from the Steam Store (1 card per $10 USD or equivalent), crafting game badges, voting in the Community’s Choice sale (1 card per 3 votes), by trading, or by purchasing them in the Community Market. Collect all 10 Summer Adventure trading cards to craft the badge.

Earn rewards and points
Crafting the Summer Adventure Badge gets you: 
1 in-game item (or 5 for the foil badge) 
1 emoticon 
1 profile background 
a chance at a Team Token 
10 points (or 100 for the foil badge)To earn more points you can keep crafting the badge during the sale. 

Summer Adventure Badge - 10 points 
Summer Adventure Foil Badge - 100 points 
any other game badge - 1 point 
any foil game badge - 10 points

Each day 1 team wins
Everyone is randomly assigned to a team when they click the "Join a Team" button above or when they craft a badge. Your points count toward your team’s daily total. 

Each day the team with the most points wins. 30 members of that team who contributed points that day will win the top 3 games off their Wishlist. Make sure to update your Wishlist.Anyone who contributed points to that win will get 2 bonus Summer Sale trading cards. Everyone else who contributed points that day will get 1 bonus card. 

Steam Summer Sale 2014 Reward
You can get dota 2 item reward and another item from many game. There is five reward,  Open it up to receive your prizes. :

Level 1 : Common Drops
Level 2 : Uncommon Gift
Level 3 : Rare Gift
Level 4 : Mythical Gift
Levle 5 : Immortal Gift

What is in this box ? You can try to unboxing this Gift, I think that the immortal gift would you get is Eternal Machine Head - IMMORTAL for Clockwerk. Note: The Eternal Machine Head immortal is currently incomplete. Definitely a work in progress. 
You can get another steam summer sale 2014 reward, there are In-game Items, Community Items,Team Tokens and Free Games. More information visit .

Treasure of the Sunken Maiden & Shattered Hourglass

Dota 2 Treasure of the Sunken Maiden and Treasure of the Shattered Hourglass, New treasure from dota 2, Update at June 19,2014.

If you open the box, you will get some pretty good items, I hope you are lucky when unboxing this treasure.

Treasure of the Shattered Hourglass

This treasure contains one of the following items:
Eul's Scepter of the Magus
Rigwarl's Spiny Demeanor
Defiled Stinger
Tentacles of Nether Reach
Heretic Enclave
Thunder Rogue's Braid
Scrapper's Helm
Flail of the Drunken Cask

In addition, this treasure has a chance of containing:
Aged Spirit of Tide

Treasure of the Sunken Maiden

This treasure contains one of the following items:
Tormentor's Diadem
Luscious Locks
Berserker's Nethersteel Barbute
Crown of the Merciless
Malefic Nether Focus
Soothsayer's Spectral Strands
Moonrider's Lucent Headdress
Thorned Mane

In addition, this treasure has a chance of containing:
Scientific Curiousity
Scribbins the Scarab

I Think there is no unusual courier in this box, I don't know why extremely rare ( unusual courier ) has been removed by valve. Many old box don't give chance for us to get unusual courier. :D. If u are felling lucky today, try to unboxing this treasure.

Dota 2 Update: June 11, 2014

Dota 2 Update: June 11, 2014, There is some update from dota 2. All information source from Dota 2 Reddit. Posted by SirBelvedere.

Patch Information
You now get a Player Card Pack along with 25 Compendium points when you finish your Daily Hero Challenge.

Economy Updates
New Gem Types
Sterling Spectator Gem - This is a team spectator gem. Earned by stamping the entire team 5 times in the Compendium.
Gold Spectator Gem - This is a team spectator gem. Earned by stamping the entire team 10 times in the Compendium.
ALL TI4 Teams have a Regular, Gold and Sterling Team Spectator Gems now.

Player Cards 
Player stamping is now additive. So you can stamp more than once. The card will be used up too.
Player Cards now expire on October 31, 2014.
Fear's Player Card cannot be stamped anymore. He is now mentioned in the Compendium as Injured.
Mason Player Card now replaces that of Fear.
Number of items dropped from Player Card Pack is now 10 from 5.

New Player Cards
Na`Vi.NA , Arrow Gaming, LGD Gaming, Mousesports, Team Liquid, MVP Phoenix, CIS, Virtus Pro, 
Dota TV Tickets
Samsung Dota 2 Pro League, MSI BeatIT RGN League SEA Qualifier now has a store entry., AD2L Season 4 WTS 1v1, Invasion of Comrades Vol. 1, Perfect World Dota Academy 2, Nvidia Dota 2 Vietnam Tournament Season 2, Wars of Fortune Season 1, Balkan Floods Charity Cup, Russian Dota League Season 1, Razer Gate Dota 2 Champions League #1, Pudge Cup, BoraDota Stars, Techno Int DX Dota 2 Tournament, Aceh Dota Classic, Guf Australia Winter Regional, Australian Esports League 2014 Winter Cup, Super Battle of the Cities

Tooltip Updates
New tooltips for Dagon to show the level to which it is upgraded.
New tooltip for Diffusal Blade to show it is upgraded to Level 2.
New tooltips for Necro books to show which level it is upgraded to.

Ohaiyo now has his branding images. 
Updated preview icon for Cape of the Banished Princess.
String Updates

Beginner Templates
A new format of questions to guide new players in to the game and help them with getting started with Dota 2. Just the old stuff reformatted.
The fresh start key bind template options now show LoL, Smite and HoN instead of MOBA.
Unreleased Strings
A bunch of new strings for the upcoming Stretch Goal #16: Favorite Hero Challenge. Seems like we are getting graphs.
Item Updates
You can now use ally alert features for Pipe of Insight.
Model Updates
The Lone Druid Iron Claw True Form got some minor texture updates.
Portrait Updates
Fixes to the new Lone Druid Iron Claw True Form Portrait.
Dota 2 Update June 11,2014 Source : Reddit . If you have question, discuss here. Thank's